Spelt fusilli with deer shoulder (“Cappello del prete” cut) in Teroldego Rotaliano wine



Ingredients for 4 people:

300 g fusilli

For the sauce:
350 g deer meat (“Cappello del Prete “cut)
50 g extra virgin olive oil from Garda
40 g butter
100 g “brunuoise” cut vegetables
400 g Teroldego Rotaliano wine
100 g meat stock
1 bunch of aromatic herbs
5 g juniper and clove

For the garnish:
200 g mixed mushrooms
15 g fried parsley leaves



In a sauce pan let the deer meat brown, then add the “brunuoise” cut vegetables, the aromatic herbs and dash with the red wine, then let it evaporate. Slowly add the stock, adding more if necessary, and slowly bring it to full cooking. Mix the fusilli with the sauce and garnish with the mushrooms and the fried parsley leaves.

Peter Brunel