Raw ingredients: where quality begins

Its taste is harmonious and fully round and at the same time fresh and rich.

Its beautiful smell fills you from the moment it enters the boiling water. Our pasta is the result of our will to find true excellence which is what we believed in for four generations.

To the gift of the Dolomites, pure water and clean air, we only add raw materials which have been selected with careful attention. Durum wheat which is both whole wheat and organically farmed, Kamut and spelt are rigorously selected from producers who share our high quality standards.

Working the pure wheat with a hundred years of experience helps to achieve an ideal balance to obtain resistance to cooking and taste perfection, together with the highest organoleptic properties.

And we never forget to add the passion for what we do and the pride we take in creating something unique. In doing so we change an every day taste into something truly special.

5,000.00 square metres, four production lines working continuously to create 60 tons of pasta per day, more than a hundred different shapes - these are obviously very important figures. But the character of our production also reveals the strong preservation of our beliefs in every step of the process.

From the choice of the raw material all the way to the packaged pasta which is being distributed in the whole world, we apply rigorously the control procedures that allow us to achieve the most advanced quality certifications. Our research workshop tests the purity and organoleptic properties of the raw materials. After that, the semolina is sieved from shelves and sent to the production lines. Spring water is then added and the pasta is modelled into different shapes before being dried.

Simple and essential principles which demand constant attention to detail until it becomes authenticated excellence. That’s how we achieve the perfect simplicity of our flavours and satisfy our clients.