Our commitment to organic farming

  • Preserving our natural resources
  • promoting biodiversity
  • respecting the ecosystem balance
  • safeguard the environment

these are our ambitious objectives which demand the collaboration and actions of everyone with no room for compromises.

Our commitment to organic farming methods is a far reaching, all encompassing programme which involves controlled production methods and often demands from us to go the extra mile. It is not only the research on cultivation methods, responsible farming, total exclusion of chemical fertilisers or the reduction of intensive farming, it is the sincere dedication to excellence which also forms the foundation on which our company was built.

Our commitment pushes us to extract the spring water at 2,000 meters high in order to preserve the natural quality of all raw ingredients at every step of the process. It can be summarised in the principle of honestly questioning our impact on the environment demanding a good reason for how we do things every step of the way.

Only by doing so can we comply with the strict protocols on organic farming which we recognise for what they are: an important source of values for the quality of our products and our life.